Best Exercises and Diet Tips to Help You Get Bigger Hips

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Fitness and Dietary Habits Make Your Hips Wider

If you want to know how to get bigger hips, the first you should understand that to get bigger hips requires a disciplined approach to diet and fitness. Your body appearance is estimated to be 70% diet and 30% fitness. Sculpting your lifestyle to get a beautiful body with a nice big butt, you can focus to create a fitness routine especially designed to give you a bigger and rounder butt. If you want to obtain an hourglass shape, with a small waist and big hips and butt, you will have to live like you have one already- in both your fitness and dietary habits.

Clean Eating

Your diet should be on point so as to capitalize to get a bigger butt workout result. The best diet to maintain a beautiful, balanced weight which works with your body is clean diet. Clean eating reduces the exposure of your body to artificial foodstuffs as well as preservatives by promoting unprocessed and clean foods. This kind of eating keeps you satisfied and full and also helps you whisk away the excess fat. It sounds counterintuitive – losing as much fat as possible from your body when you want to get a rounder butt. However, it is not. You can only shape muscles, not fat, so the excess fat you lose will not have any impact on your quest for a bigger and rounder butt. It on only impedes your results, by making them difficult to be noticed because they are hidden under all the useless fat. [Read more...]

How to Get a Bigger Butt by Doing Exercises

How to Get a Bigger ButtWomen are always looking for different ways to enhance their look. They want to have beautiful and perfect bodies. Men love to look at the sexy rounded butt of a girl and women too like the look. If you have flat butt and you want your butt to poke out a little, here are a few tips on how to get bigger hips and rounded butt. If you have been trying hard to get a bigger butt and have been failing, do not be discouraged. There are several ways to achieve your goals. There are exercises which can help you get the butt you desire. If you do these exercises religiously and frequently, your butt will grow naturally.


The best exercises that help you get the desired hourglass figure can be done at the comfort of your home without any equipment. The first exercise for a big, rounded butt is squeezes. You should squeeze or tight your butt in as tight as you can. Hold it in and then let lose. Keep repeating this exercise for a few minutes. Doing this several times a day will help to strengthen your muscles in the buttocks and firm your butt. Over the time you will have a rounded behind and this will also make your hips wider. [Read more...]

How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally by Dancing

All celebrities have their secrets, particularly on ways on how to get bigger hips and a small waist. A good example for this is Marilyn Monroe. She has the perfect hourglass figure, with the vital statistics of 36, 26 and 36. Most of the people admire women and men too who have the perfect figure. This is the reason why an individual, especially women should invest on maintaining a good body shape.

How to Get Small Waist and Big Hips Fast

Small waist and big hips gives your body an hour glass shape. Achieving this figure can be very demanding because it requires perseverance and discipline. Thankfully, you can make your hips wider and get the perfect shape while having fun and enjoying at the same time, as well. This body training way to lose weight is in the form of dancing.

Dancing makes hips wider naturally

There are numerous dance forms which can encourage body toning and weight loss. Actually, dancing is a great form of exercise because it improves the heart rate thereby making it an excellent cardiovascular activity. It even tones and tightens muscle groups like the hips and waist. Dancing will even help you burn a considerable amount of calories. [Read more...]

How to Make Your Hips Wider with Kettlebell Exercises

Majority of the fitness experts discourage you from spot-training a particular area for weight loss or exercise. However, kettlebell exercises are considered the best for women who are looking out how to get bigger hips. Kettlebell swings are the best for a sexier, rounder butt. Today most of the popular fitness programs feature intense workouts which provide maximum results within record time. For people, especially those who want to get an hourglass shape, kettlebell exercise happens to be one of the most popular trends as of now. No wonder women all over have started using this technique.

How to perform kettlebell swings

If you swap ineffective cardio for more intense, shorter bursts of kettlebell exercise, your metabolism boosts up. You preserve lean muscles, blast fat, and also keep your body burning calories for hours after you have finished. The following are directions to perform kettlebell swings which will help you get a bigger butt:

  • Stand with your feet apart, almost 6 to 12 inches apart on both side
  • Place kettlebell 6 inches in front of you on the ground
  • Use your hands so as to get an effective grip on its handle. Without standing, you should hike the kettlebell up and back and behind you between the legs. You have to feel as if you are going to sit back on the chair.
  • Come back to a complete stand, placing your hips forward with the support of the momentum of the kettlebell. Allow this momentum to guide your body in swinging back into a hinge position as you keep on repeating this movement. [Read more...]

Avoid Cardio Exercises to Keep Your Hips Bigger

Hips are found in the lateral sides of the human body. It is in the middle of buttocks and pelvis. Most of the women love to have bigger hips with a flat tummy. You might be wondering how to get bigger hips; actually, there are some ways for you to achieve this naturally. Do not cut out on calories if you want to increase any size of your body such as hips and butt. It is very important that you don’t cut out on your caloric intake. Instead you should add extra 250 calories to your daily caloric intake.

Have veggies, fruits and lean meats

Get calories form clean sources by avoiding gaining additional weight. Thus, it is best to take calories from the clean sources. Augmenting your hip size is not an excuse for eating non-healthy foods. Consume foods which are packed with nutrition such as veggies, lean meats, fruits, low fat dairy items and whole grains. Seeds and nuts can also be excellent for your overall nutrition.

Do Squats

Do a few squats as this helps in working out your hips, hamstring and thighs. For best results, it is better if you use dumbbells for adding extra resistance. Do these 10 to 12 repetitions with 3 to 4 sets. Doing isometric ball squeeze can be excellent for the hips. Place the stability ball against the wall and stand in the back with your right side facing. Extend your right leg and put your outer side against the ball. You should then apply the force and hold for 30 seconds. Then do the exercise on the left side. Repeat it for 4 to 6 repetitions. This is the best way of how to get bigger hips. [Read more...]